Extreme Flooding and Changing Climate Systems – Podcast


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Extreme Flooding and Changing Climate Systems – Podcast

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Attributions speaks with Professor Steve Turton about all things extreme flooding, climate and weather systems, and recent climate change impacts in Australia and the globe.

Steve is an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Geography at Central Queensland University. Steve has had a distinguished career across academia where he’s held senior research and counseling roles in several universities and research centres. Steve’s also a one of the former Presidents of the Australian Council of Environment Deans and Directors, along with the Institute of Australian Geographers and the Australian Academy of Sciences. He has been recognised with numerous medals and awards for his contributions in geography.

On climate change Steve was an expert reviewer on the IPCC’s 5th and 6th Assessment Reports on impacts and adaptation. And most recently in January 2023, his book “Surviving the Climate Crisis: Australian Perspectives and Solutions” was published.

We talk about a vast number of topics from extreme flooding in Australia to climate systems like El Niño and La Niña and how they’re affecting climate change in Australia and the globe, atmospheric rivers, tropical cyclones, along with what solutions Steve thinks will help the globe deal with climate change’s impacts.

CQ University – Steve Turton
Recently published – Steve Turton

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