Climate Change in Mexico: Impacts and Lacklustre Policies

Climate change has already impacted Mexico, and projections show that these impacts will grow during the coming century. However, Mexico's climate policy is...

‘Heatflation’ is Driving Up Food Prices. What Can Be Done?

Heatflation is here, and vulnerable communities will suffer the most from rising food prices and undernourishment without collective global climate action.

Saudi Arabia’s Environmental Issues: At Odds With Fossil Fuels

Saudi Arabia is facing significant climate change-related issues, yet it is one of the world's top oil-producing countries. This juxtaposition will be a...

Impact of Climate Change on Tourism

The tourism industry must embrace and embed climate change solutions to safeguard its own future from escalating impacts.

The Declining Indian Fishing Industry and Climate Change’s Role

Indian fishermen face the double impact of declining fish numbers and climate change's effects on oceans that force fish into cooler deeper waters.

Economic Growth Snarled by Typhoons in Asia

Typhoons are one of the world’s costliest and deadliest extreme weather disasters, and they are becoming more intense and widespread in Asia as...

Debt and Displacement: The Effects of Cyclones on Human Life in Asia

Cyclones and other extreme weather events, which are set to intensify in a hotter world, are having significant effects on development, displacement and...

The Effects of El Niño: The Implications on Food, Water and Fire in Asia

Scientists have confirmed that El Niño has arrived. Nations are now preparing for even more severe heat that could threaten crops and stoke...

Climate Change’s Impact on Supply Chains: What Are the Risks?

Climate change's impact on the supply chain is growing. Companies and organisations are looking to safeguard themselves from the disruption.

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