Indonesian Palm Oil, Deforestation, Biofuels and Carbon Offsets – Podcast

We speak with Indoensian journalist Hans Nicholas Jong about palm oil deforestation, biofuels and offsets.

Living on the Water’s Edge

Since the 2013 earthquake that caused Bohol islands to sink–an event that set off regular tidal flooding–communities have had to adapt and do...

San Miguel Corporation LNG Projects Could Destroy the Philippines’ ‘Amazon of the Oceans’

San Miguel Corporation's LNG developments are expanding rapidly as the Philippines moves away from coal power plants. Yet, impacts are being felt across...

Pacific Cyclone Season: Could a Loss and Damage Fund Help?

Cyclones are infamous for their impacts on life. Climate change is expected to make them worse. Could a loss and damage fund help?

Load Shedding in Nepal, While Government Sells Energy to India

Nepal is selling electricity to India but can't supply reliable power to locals because of ageing grids and a lack of transmission lines.

Impacts of Climate Change Worsen, Thanks to Big Oil

While Big Oil continues to pump oil, future generations will suffer most from the consequences of the industry’s actions.

Climate Change in Pakistan: Rising Temperatures and Melting Glaciers

From cyclones and deadly heatwaves to glacial retreat, climate change in Pakistan is taking a heavy toll on the economy and costing many...

Indian Agricultural Policy and Climate Change – Podcast

Devinder Sharma speaks about climate change's impact on Indian agriculture and how Indian agricultural policy must adapt to meet new challenges.

Drought in North Africa Hits Farmers as Climate Change Impacts Bite

Climate change-linked drought in North Africa hits farmers hard. Water adaptation schemes may not be enough to stop rural-urban migration.

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