Why Is Climate Justice Important?

In the first of a two-part series, we explore issues of climate injustice connected to efforts to decarbonise our world. In part two,...

Women’s Climate Crisis: Insights and Impacts

Attributions speaks with Gaia Zanaboni of WECF about the impacts of climate change on women for International Women's Day.

The Impact of Climate Change on Women: Stories From Bangladesh

For International Women’s Day, we hear from women facing the climate crisis with resilience in southwest Bangladesh.

2024 Indonesian General Election: Implications for Climate Justice

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Air Pollution in India: Devastating Health Effects

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COP28: A Summary of What Happened in Dubai – Podcast

In this episode of Attributions, we summarize the main events, announcements and agreements at the COP28 in Dubai in December 2023.

The Importance of Climate Change Awareness To Protect and Save Lives

Climate change awareness is a crucial first step of adaptation, prompting proactive and coordinated responses against its impacts.

Gender Equality at COP28: Advancing Climate Justice for Women and Girls

With climate-related impacts falling heavily on the shoulders of women and girls, climate finance must be directed towards gender-equitable solutions.

Indonesian Palm Oil, Deforestation, Biofuels and Carbon Offsets – Podcast

We speak with Indoensian journalist Hans Nicholas Jong about palm oil deforestation, biofuels and offsets.