Asian Monsoon is Transforming Due to Climate Change and Pollution

The Asian monsoon is vital to safeguard harvests and water supplies and to generate energy. But, climate change is making it unpredictable.

Can Wildlife Conservation Play a Role in Carbon Capture?

There is increasingly growing interest in how wildlife conservation can play a role in carbon capture and carbon markets.

Marine Heat Waves Have Been Quietly Breaking Records for Years

Marine heat waves were continuously breaking temperature records long before the expansive heat waves struck Asia, Europe and the US in 2023.

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The Biodiversity Crisis: New Study Says Nearly 50% of Wildlife Is in Decline

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The Cost of Climate Change on Coral Reefs – Podcast

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Malaysia’s Indigenous Batek and Deforestation from Palm Oil – Podcast

James Whitlow Delano speaks about his decades covering the impact of deforestation from palm oil on Malaysia's Indigenous Batek peoples.

Insects and Climate Change: Many Will Perish, Others Will Thrive

Insects and climate change are intricately linked, with many beneficial populations dying, while disease carrying species thrive.

Ocean Acidification Effects on Tourism: A Search For Solutions

Climate change and ocean acidification is threatening coastal communities globally that rely on fisheries and tourism for their livelihoods.