Climate Change in Pakistan: Rising Temperatures and Melting Glaciers

From cyclones and deadly heatwaves to glacial retreat, climate change in Pakistan is taking a heavy toll on the economy and costing many...

Indian Agricultural Policy and Climate Change – Podcast

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Malaysia’s Indigenous Batek and Deforestation from Palm Oil – Podcast

James Whitlow Delano speaks about his decades covering the impact of deforestation from palm oil on Malaysia's Indigenous Batek peoples.

Deforestation in Malaysia and the Fading Lives of Its Indigenous Peoples

The extensive deforestation in Malaysia, mostly for palm oil, is immensely impacting the livelihoods of the remaining Indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia.

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Oil Spill in the Philippines Devastates Communities and Marine Life

A massive oil spill in the Philippines has damaged pristine marine ecosystems and impacted the livelihoods and food sources of thousands of residents.