Climate Change and Health: Impacts, Opportunities and Benefits

Tackling climate change and health as a collective issue could help save millions of lives while offsetting the cost of climate action.

The Economic Impacts of Heatwaves: Spotlight on India and China

Heatwaves are becoming more frequent and deadly, putting millions of lives and trillions of dollars at risk.

Typhoons in Asia: Loss, Damage and Economic Fallout

Typhoons in Asia are now attributable to climate change's impacts in the region. As their intensity rises, the economic impacts from loss and...

Climate Change’s Impact in Japan and Its Supply Chains

Japan's climate change impact is growing steadily at home and in Southeast Asia where the country is promoting fossil-fuel based technology.

Climate Crisis, G7 Summit and the Role of Japan

As the climate crisis tightens its grip on Japan, the government has shown a lack of urgency in addressing fundamental issues on fossil...

Japan’s Climate Change Policy to Curb Fossil Fuels Prior to the G7 Is Severely Lacking

Critics say that Japan's climate change solutions, including its policy of making coal plants more efficient, are costly for both the country's economy...

Why Ski Resorts Are Dying in a Warming World

Warming weather is shortening winters from New York to Switzerland, and the increasing scarcity of snow is a major reason why ski resorts...

China’s Extreme Flooding Snarls Regional Industry and the Global Supply Chain

China's flooding events grow in severity as climate change intensifies, having severe implications on global supply chains and economies.

How Last Chance Tourism Kills Imperiled Destinations

The tourism industry heavily markets destinations at risk from the effects of climate change to environmentally conscious tourists – exacerbating the effects and...

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