Climate Change Adaptation for Flooding

Climate change-induced flooding is a growing concern globally and requires focused adaptation strategies to minimise risk.

Top Climate Change Adaptation Technologies and Climate Resilience

Technology is a key component of climate change adaptation. While already important, its role will continue to increase in the coming decades.

Top Climate Change Adaptation Projects Around the World

Reviewing existing adaptation and mitigation projects is a valuable way to improve programs in the future.

The Growing Cost of Adaptation to Climate Change

The global cost of adaptation increases annually, yet there is still inadequate funding for adaptation. Without adaptation, the social and economic costs of...

How Pakistani Farmers Can Adapt to Heat and Floods

A return to the use of ancient grains like millet could be key to helping Pakistan's agricultural sector adapt to a changing climate.

Humanity’s Climate Change Adaptation Options

Climate change adaptation is a complex undertaking. There are three main approaches for adapting and creating more resilient societies under warmer temperatures.

Climate Change Adaptation Versus Mitigation: What’s the Difference?

Climate change adaptation and mitigation are both critical to combatting climate change – but in different ways.

Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for a Brighter Future

Climate change impacts are here and becoming stronger. Adaptation strategies are a critical part of global resilience building.

How the World Is Adapting To Climate Change: Examples

Climate change adaptation is necessary. Here are examples of countries implementing programs globally.